Book Recommendation: Billion Dollar Whale


38743564._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpgI recently finished Billion Dollar Whale by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope. Talk about a scintillating read. Wright and Hope uncover the incredible true story of a young Malaysian businessman, Jho Low, who pulled off an unparalleled heist. It’s incredible on a number of levels: Jho Low orchestrated all of it in plain sight, a number of A-list celebrities are involved, and the story hasn’t ended yet, Jho Low has gone into hiding while facing charges from the U.S. and Malaysia. He stole an estimated total of 5 billion dollars, spending outrageous sums on parties, kickbacks, jewelry, bribes, yachts, real estate, and even a few businesses (not the least of which was the production company that created and released The Wolf of Wall Street). It’s the stuff of movies. This year a production company (SK Global) purchased rights and actually plan to release a movie. From explaining intricate details of financial transactions to describing the most extravagant parties imaginable, Wright and Hope have put forth an exciting enjoyable read more akin to a novel than a news report. Grab a copy for the holidays, it’s a high recommend.

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